Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Deepavali !

Wishing you all lovely blogger friends a very happy and bright Deepavali! A festival which brought me back many shiny memories. Deepavali is the time to celebrate new beginnings.

Today let me take you around the festivities at home. I always look forward to let my creativity flow as I set about decorating the house with rangoli, flowers and diyas.

Welcome to our sweet little home, where we lit 108 Diyas. Those were the lights of faith and worship lit towards welcoming the Goddess.

The day is very special as the entrance gets adorned with colourful rangoli.

All Urulis and small brass vessels get filled with floating flowers and floating fragrant candles.

I wish you all a very happy Deepavali and I hope it brings all of you joy ,laughter and wonderful memories.

Hope you all liked the series from my house to yours.Thanks for the love and affection showered on me and encouraging me.I thank you all once more and hope you will be on my side in further endeavours.

(Images and Ideas by Lakshmi Arvind.Please do not copy them .Please dont use them without prior permission.)


  1. oh fab!! what lovely pics... I'll attempt at doing a mini version of your rangoli for next year... I've saved the image in my favourites!!

    So many diyas.... fills your home with the lights of love & laughter... ..

    I cant wait to see many more posts from you!!

  2. Wow, Lakshmi, just wow! Each and every Diwali post of yours has been so different, and this is just takes the cake. I love the Lotus candle and all the groupings of diyas in the last 2 photos. Also love how the tea lights in glasses make such wonderful patterns.

  3. Hey Lakshmi, i don't know how I missed the entire series,enjoyed reading all the posts.....Hope you had a wonderful diwali.

  4. Wow..Lakshmi...what a gorgeous series of diwali the many many urlis filled with so many different flowers...really fab

  5. Wow Lakshmi, you've had a fab Diwali I can see. Beautiful pics! Loved the step candles. They look super!


  6. Lovley pics all of them Lakshmi :)
    Loved the urulis with the roses and candles the most :)


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