Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rawla Narlai..An experience beyond vacations!

Contemplating on the images sitting in each folder and umpteen number of journeys done and not even one being shared in the blog..i wonder why am i not getting time to share these :)- each journey has a time  to unfold as i think:)-
The last year we looked forward to exciting journeys by road,longer journeys,where you needed to rest a night and then the rest of the journey the next day.Although it was exciting ,it was tiring too at times..
Last winter we decided to go a little beyond Ajmer ..,a little before Udaipur and Ranakpur and we specifically went to stay in the beautiful village called Narlai.There are very little people to come to the village to stay, as its an enroute stop to Udaipur. I wanted to visit the village,the amazing fort and spend some time with the surroundings which had been in my mind for a very long time.

Rawal Narlai  ...sits on a a beautiful and sleepy village on a country road.Hidden Away in the heart of Aravalli hills,at the foot of a mammoth granite rock,surrounded by forested hills and rocky outcrops,Rawala Narlai is a beautifully maintained heritage resort ,which was once a hunting lodge of Jodhpurs Royal family.Still owned by  members of Jodhpur family,the resort is now transformed from a mere hunting lodge into a stunning ,stylish boutique hotel with all its character and structure maintained.

The pink bougainvilleas all over,the plumerias at the entrance,the blue bells over the walls and doors,the overflowing white bougainvilleas,the red turbaned waiters,the jaipur rugs and so much more an experience beyond vacations!

Who doesn't get enamoured by these breathtaking images and light:)-

just stood gazing at the beautiful bougainivlleas as we entered the courtyard..this is what we wanted to see :)-how it trailed 

a view from up..looking down

the setting sun caught

the light shone everywhere

beautiful sights,beautiful prints

the room..the bed

hawa ka jhonka:)-

the white peeled paints and violets..what combination

lot of light pouring in..subtle white

the world of grace and charm..

the light that entered the crevices,fell down

yes..the plumerias

basking in the winter light

gracefully a necklace

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Kunal Shah Designs

There's an  amazing array of talents in India and Kunal Shah is one among them and one of my favourites. It's his understated elegance and love for the simplicity yet making a traditional touch ,love for flowers that instantly drew me towards following his works.

I also love the fact that my inspirations remain his too:)-He is inspired by the works of Geoffrey Bawa ,John Pawson, Gaudi and Bijoy Jain.

All thanks to my dear friend Shalini Pereira.Its through her i read more about him and became virtual friends.They both are good friends and fellow IED alumnis.Kunal Sha founded Kunal Shah designs in 2004.This boutique design firm believes in a restrained and understated design aesthetic that focuses on subtle nuances and finer details. I love the clean lines and almost minimalist feel to the spaces he creates. They are very contemporary and yet unmistakably Indian.

Kunal travels a lot and often draws inspiration from his travels and his other passion, art.

Seen below are some awesome vignettes of his amazing home on instagram.The amazing pick of carefully selected furniture,art and the cool neutral palettes.His aesthetically simple minimalistic approach. Amazingly homely,but an old world charm.An amazing appreciation and love towards the different forms of art and craft. 

His home has a mixture of sculptures and books and flowers thrown here and there creating its own love with all these..
Thank you kunal for allowing me to share all these images.
May you create more beautiful homes:)- and amazing spaces!


All images courtesy:Kunal Shah ..Instagram account.
Please ask permission if you want to use the images.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Isla Van Damme !

Isla Van Damme (call her Loulou) 68-year-old Van Damme has done her whole life, building her career as a designer, a stylist, a restaurateur.At present working with Bungalow 8 on a project.

She runs a beautiful  guesthouse in the Palani Hills, a two-bedroom cottage that nods to the style of English bungalows and French plantation houses built here during the Raj (the property abutting Van Damme’s is a working pepper and coffee plantation founded by French Jesuits). There’s the outdoor teak furniture; there’s the handknit cashmere “leopard-skin” carpet, a take on the tiger carpets used by Tibetan monks for meditation, that took Van Damme’s weaver in Delhi a year to complete; there’s the Turkish kilim, similar to the ones she used to sell in Belgium; and there are shelves of books bought at art exhibitions.

 Van Damme’s personal style is more Banjara than Belgian, she is fastidious about the most minute details. 

Now that her guesthouse in the hills is complete, she’s begun work on the design for a second, larger house farther along the ridge. By the time that’s finished, Van Damme plans to be growing as much as 60 percent of the produce she needs for herself and her guests in her own garden. She recently started making her own butter; she may even learn to make cheese. She’s talked about starting up a drum festival with her neighbors to promote local tribal music and wants to work with a friend to improve sanitation and awareness about littering in the nearby villages.

Text courtesy :Architectural Digest,Image courtesy:Pinterest,AD

Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer inspirations..

An Ode to the summer nights that turned into morning with the friends that turned into family.
An amazing set of lived in feel form the summer look book of Toast.Their images are like a fresh breath of air.

  All images copyright :Toast
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