Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cavala Beach Resort,Goa

Come with me and lets have a look at the interior of the Goan Guest House that tries to recreate the atmosphere of India. The furniture is colonial style from Rajashtan. This resort is quintessentially Indian,with a large courtyard,a corridor surrounding it and the rooms leading from it.The three bedroom villa built by Isla Polak or LULU as she is known. Large bedrooms,bathrooms and a kitchen with big windows, thats what she tells about this villa. Lulu is a Belgian, but she has an Indian connection. She was born in Kodai  and spent her early years in Mumbai.

Overlooking  a brackish creek, atop a hillock, the shingled roof home is an hour away from the crowded beaches. 

Lulu says: "I love the quality of life here and i have found this place on earth".

The Entrance Patio

Colonial Chaise Lounge

The Lamps have Walking Sticks as Stands

Close-up of the Center Table

The handblock printed furnishing from Casab. Bench has old tiles fitted.

Fuschia Bedroom has Sarees for curtains.

Fucshia Bathroom has an open shower area, metal bowls for basins.

Lulu's Bedroom, the inbuilt bed.

Another Bedroom

Bedroom and shadows.

Dining Room
Outer seating arrangement
The perfect lookout spot on the outer verandah. Wooden barrel as the side table


  1. the setting, location. ambiance, furniture ...ooh!

  2. am in love with this the decor. I also have a set of curtains which are made of handloom sarees and dupattas. they give a great earthy look which I love. thanks for bringing this to us.

  3. this is gorgeousness & beyond... Love the use of laddar in decor...

  4. The decor is simply superb Lakshmi:-)
    Keep it up buddy!!!!


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  6. These are really great pics imparting about classical look of the hotel.
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