Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Masmara - handcrafted products by rural artisans

"Masmara" the story unfolds here says their first post on their blog.....

Masmara, founded by Two friends ( who are incidentally married to each other :)) quit their jobs and then travel, chill out, laze around...and soon decide its time they did something more constructive with their time.. They travel some more, meet lots of people, research some ideas and zero in on starting "masmara".

Masmara, based out of Bangalore, was started with the intention of bringing little known rural crafts to a global audience. Masmara strives to bring before you some beautiful handcrafted products which sustains and promotes good craftsmanship.

All our products are eco-friendly says "Masmara" and are aimed to appeal to a wider global audience. Being original handmade selection of products, they are surely a treat for your eyes. Coming in an affordable range of prices, we have several products in our collection which are made of natural fibers like jute, cotton, banana fiber, sheep wool and hibiscus fiber. We also collaborate with NGO’s who promote craft-based sustainable livelihood projects for women.

I like Masmara,coz they have a huge collection of my favourite Kerala Murals in a different fashion,drawn on bamboo and which could be put on walls and cute pendants and silver jewellery which I have been always eyeing on....

Enjoy their products and promote "Masmara",Truly Indian

Simple jewellery from beads and colored thread and a mural workLambini jewellery made by lambini tribes in Karnataka

very colorful bagsbeads in different colors
mural work on bamboo,wall art

mural painting by rural artisans
mural art kept to the side of the mirror

All images are courtesy to "Masmara"


  1. thanks for introducing these rare beauties. am buying one neck piece right now.

  2. How absolutely gorgeous is their stuff! I've been trying to find Kerala mural work on bamboo online for ages! Thanks for making me aware of Masmara!

  3. Lovely stuff, I had ordered the pendent in the 2nd pic last week, can't wait to lay my hands on it.

  4. Such lovely lovely stuff... I love the first two pics.. so unique!!! And I also loved loved the kerala murals... awesome!!

  5. this is awesome stuff.. such pretty stuff!! thanx for sharing the link


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