Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrating love, light and happiness

Diwali gives us the wonderful opportunity to combine the different traditional decor items at home with a little imagination. South Indian Lamps which are available in different sizes and shapes, lend a picture perfect traditional decor in any corner it is assimilated. Marigolds as everybody knows, lend the beauty in its best and how about an uruli full of Marigolds surrounded by the the ghee lit lamps. Let it radiate the beauty and the divinity in the corners...

A very simple arrangement where a single lotus flower is used to enhance the beauty of the arrangement. Assorted scented candles available in pastel shades of pink, deep pink and lilac grouped together bring out the beauty in its fullness..

Images and Ideas by Lakshmi Arvind
please do not steal nor copy images


  1. Very pretty! I need to polish my lamps to make them look as spectacular!!

  2. Simply beautiful Lakshmi, loved the inspiring ideas..

  3. oh my.. more gorgeousness!! The lamps look all ready and polished... You are well prepared.. Lovely pics.. Laksh!!

  4. the prep is so lovely...cant wait to see all your diwali pics :-)

  5. Love visiting your blog...clicks are amazing as always...very festive.


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