Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some more antique Bronze containers

In response to my post on "Antique containers and floral display",one of "Celebrations Decor" readers ,Karthik shares his collections,all his Mom's,perfectly maintained well over the generations.Thanks Karthik for sharing these images and I loved them all..

Its always nice when you hear readers love your posts,they write to you and share informations and pictures with you.I hope you all enjoy pictures and will give you all an idea for home decor.

All pictures,courtesy:Karthik
I do hope more readers may send images if they desire to.


  1. Awesome collection, reminds me of the days where brass and copper stuff were considered outdated and were given away to maids or stored in the3 attic as junk :(.

  2. Lovely collection. Love the way they are arranged in then kitchen.

  3. My my ,envy ur brass collection.Lovely display.

  4. Karthiks.. got an awesome collection.. please tell him.. when he wants to give it away or wants to get rid of them.. I'll be waiting right in front of the line..

    Hes got a little treasure chest.. :-)

  5. Lakshmi thanks for posting them.

    Thank you everybody for your nice words.

    @Sanctified Spaces: Envy was exactly what I was aiming for. :)


  6. @ Lakhmi: Came across your blog today. What peeked my interest was the plumeria flowers. I am a big sucker for those, my favorite flower. Anyone who loves the plumeria will definitely have a good artistic sense :). Nice blog and a lot of detail. Keep going. Since you are a horticulturist expect to see more articles about plants in home decor. Sadly where I live can't have a plumeria tree outside. So thinking of a bonsai.
    @Karthik- Since you already have a bonsai would you mind sharing some tips? Nice collection of antique vessels. Reminds me of the days I would rummage through my grandma's attic in search of those. Also would like to make a suggestion about the pictures on the wall ( really like them, unique). Since you have a few of them it would make much more impact to group them together especially over the bonsai. As they are small pieces of artwork individually, they look lonely on the white walls. They would make a big statement when they are grouped together.

  7. @Vidya, my knowledge of Bonsai's is very limited or practically non-existent. The succulent you see in the picture just happens to be Bonsai like.

    The pictures on the wall are by an artist by the name Krishna Prakash. I met him at an exhibition in Bangalore and befriended him. If you are interested in his work, and happen to be in the Bangalore area, it can be arranged.

    Also, thanks for your suggestion.

  8. hi Vidya,
    Thanks for your detailed study on my blog.will surely think of starting writing in that line too.will write up about different plants that could be kept in homes inside and outside.will surely try from now on..thanks for the suggestion.will write about bonsais too..


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