Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flowers and Flickr friends,Part 9

"Friends are flowers that never fade"

Its a long time since the series has been seriously pursued and here comes the wonderful flowers and corners of my dearest flickr friend Subasri Pillai,lovingly called Sri...
A creative consultant / freelance photographer /artist / busy mom ,thts what Sri is.Yes Indeed and she keeps herself very busy and I 've endless passion in interior designing , photography, cooking ,baking, reading,painting, scrapbooking and travel says Sri.....
You'll see some glimpses of her everyday life through these images

Friendly and Cheerful person says Sri and who doesnt love flowers?

Images Courtesy,Subasri Pillai.
She flickrs here
Enjoy and flowers and they do ask your comments...


  1. Lovely flowers,lovely pics!!

  2. I'm a big fan of Subasri's Flickr stream. Lovely pictures!

  3. Lovely to see Sri's flowers...especially the roses in the kitchen.

  4. What gorgeous pics.. I'm off to check flickr now.. I love that terracotta elephant.. :-)

  5. Awesome pictures........truly inspirational:)

  6. i have always loved the warm light in her photographs!!
    just cant log out of flickr without visiting her photostream!!
    simply beautiful!

  7. I really appreciate the way you make the corners as a eye catcher point.
    dean graziosi

  8. Lovely clicks.Off to see the flickr page.

  9. Delightful post, loved the gorgeous corners filled with flowers. - Rekha


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