Friday, June 10, 2011

Living with craft

The compilation of my Magazine Inspired "home tours",series coming to full form this monsoon.Magazines are always a source of inspiration for me ,by breaking the creativity block,by opening the doors of art and design of homes. Some homes can remain simple ,while some remain beautiful works of art and some maintain their unique space and style.

Now that I am at my native,discovering old magazines,from 80's which have been stashed,safely in shelves,finding a way into my blog..

Hope you will all enjoy these tours...

In Gita Ram's,enchanted forest of ferns,that fills a sun splashed pergola at the entrance of her Madras residence there lurks a rich diversity of forms.For Gita Ram,Secretary of The Crafts Council of India,who has been actively associated with the Crafts Council for the last ten years is a firm believer in the idea that if crafts and craftsmen have to survive their existence depends on crafts becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.Very true isnt it?
the inner courtyard with the traditional tulsi plant and the madhubani is by the artist Paswan.

the family looks out into the verandah and into the courtyard and the rug is from Tilonia and the plamyrah stools are still in the prototype stage and the diwan is form Keralathe main living room with furniture from Taaru .the hanging lamp is from Bangladesh derived from reed skull caps and the kilm is from afghanistan.

staircase is paraqueted with teak and the good luck symbols are from sikkim

the dining room is dominated by a large round table with a richly polished brown marble top.A collage by the name "Bird"by Thotta Tharini,presides over a low table holding a number of interestingly crafted utensils of everyday divan has ceramic tiles on to its backrest.a teak medicine chest with bras inlay.the drawing is by "Devadoss"

Gitas craft collections
Image courtesy:Inside Outside,IssueFeb Mar,1989
Text:Meera Rajgopal,Photographs:G.Karthik


  1. such a nice post..reminds me of those school holidays when i would beg amma to buy me a interior magazine..such vintagy pics!!

    what caught my eye is a vintage danish modern sofa...i m sure it is the original and not made by a carpenter in india...thanks for sharing the home tour :)

  2. A truly beautiful post! What a lovely home ...and what a collection. Each piece surpasses the other. I keep looking forward to your home tour series

  3. somethign brought me back to the post...the thing that the home owner has blended indian elegance with danish modern pieces...their dining set is a nice teak swedish/danish design

  4. I liike this post Lakshmi. A beautiful home with interesting artifacts and corners! There's a sort of harmony in every room.

  5. Lovely... Love the outdoor space...and the wooden pieces.. Interesting collection of artifacts...

  6. lovely place , each piece in the room has a story of its own...

  7. I think I missed most of this series because we were in the middle of a move that time. Loving it!


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