Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Tangerine trees and Marmalade Skies"

A break from the Gujarati series.With so much happening in Delhi,just couldn't give it a miss.

The title of the post is a found phrase for the Pop artist Trishla Jain's solo exhibition -"Tangerine trees and Marmalade skies" from the Beatles hit song,Lucy in the sky in the Diamonds.
She had 50 odd works displayed for her exhibition in Delhi,which ranged from furniture pieces to rocking horses,paintings to chairs to wacky installations.Her marvellous sense of colour held the show together.Jain uses old school charts,vintage comics,matchboxes ,greeting cards to create the collages.She mixes literary allusions with pop culture.Sufi poetry and Shakespeares sonnets finds way into her works..An English graduate from Standford ,She describes herself as a writer and her brushes are strokes of words .Its all about her world of imagination,the pastel colours,the lime greens and the oranges and the words that went with it..
Read more about Trishla Jain


  1. Dear Dr Lakshmi, just read the article about your blog in 'good homes' and was pleased I've already read about it earlier. I really enjoy your blog.
    I saw the coverage of Trishla Jain's exhibits in newspaper too, I guess she underlines the fact that pop art is really in and we as consumers just love the color display!

  2. Thanka priyanka for the lovely comment.i am yet to see the article about the blog in good homes.thanks for letting me know.i really do appreciate.thanks a lot.


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