Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bloggers Bonding Session @Good Homes@Shiro

What a great combination it was !The bunch of Inspiring Bloggers at the "Good Homes Bonding Session" at the "Wonderful Shiro".A big thanks to the entire Team of Good Homes headed by Ronitaa Italia Dhanu. Ronitaa and the entire team was easy to mingle with and love you all for what you are!

It was wonderful to have a face to the names we knew from years.Some of the very seasoned bloggers who were on the blogging scene very much before me ,who have enthralled and excited their readers including me with loving images of Interiors,their homes and their inspirations.I was indeed glad to have met Rajee Sood of Rajee Sood home,Bhavna of Indian Summer,Prachi of Purple Homes.I just couldnt get enough of you people.

There where some people who were new to me ,but nevertheless made very good friends after the bonding session.They were Priti Singh,Shalini Pereira,Aarti and Misha.
The wonderful Shiro and Nupur who made us extremely comfortable and at ease..The food was lipsmacking. Need to go there again!

bloggers bonding session @Good Homes

underlighted table

name plate written on felt

lipsmacking food 

the gorgeous stairways down

the shiro light just took my breath away!

beautiful and floating

All images By Lakshmi Arvind.Pl ask for permission to use the images


  1. Lovely pictures Lakshmi. And yes, it was pleasure meeting you too...would definitely to see you again and others as well...thanks for sharing this wonderful post. :)

  2. Awesome images Lakshmi. And I couldn't agree with you more, it was such a tremendous experirnce meeting everyone. Hope we get another chance like this soon.

  3. All images are breathtaking Lakshmi!! It seems you had wonderful time. I am met all my favorite bloggers(that includes you too) and that to all @ one must be an awesome experience!!

  4. Beautiful images...I bet it was awesome to meet all wonderful bloggers....

  5. Must have been wonderful meeting all the lovely people together !


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