Monday, March 4, 2013

Indian Interiors by Taschen

Indian Interiors by Taschen is a beautiful book.It tells us all the minute details about the Indian Interiors in a researched way.It tells us about all the dwellings in different states.What is original about the climate and the habit of staying and houses in particular ,the differences in the states and the peculiarities in detail,mentioned statewise. A purchase worth doing.This book actually interested me in my blogging in different ways,the scientific aspect of looking and blogging  at interiors ,the Indian Interiors in a different Way.
The Images are taken by Deidi von Schaewen.Text by Sunil Sethi and edited by Angelika Taschen.

This is what the book Says"this book leads you closer and deeper into the heart of India.From a Buddhist Home in the icy trans Himalayan Fastnesses of Ladakh to life on the boat of Kashmir to the house boats of Kerala from the splendour of maharajas palaces to the painted Havelis of medieval merchant barons of Gujarat and to the mudhuts of Thar...lovingly photographed and carefully researched.This presents a unique view of the country"

Beautiful sources of inspiration and forms the backdrop of my beautiful travels in search of the beauty of Our India!Come get inspired and travel!

reading time

castle Mandawa..mandawa...mudhuts

into the haveli,jodhpur
mudhuts,castle mandawa

mudhuts of jaislamer.inspired me to travel...

into the houseboats of Kerala

the colourful chettinad!

Auroville...wanting to go!

I had been here..the inner peace

mudhuts of orissa

into the kutch

beautiful lippan work!

All Images Courtesy to Indian Interiors,All,artnlight,Moon to Moon
Ideas conceived by LAkshmi Arvind


  1. Lakshmi I'm drooling over all lovely images and I so want to travel to all these places. Loved that conch shell too much what it is made of!

  2. disha,thanks..the conch is terracota:)-

  3. lovely Disha mentions, cute conch

  4. Really, awesome..

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  5. Hanging basket on wall to make wall art idea have seen so many times on magazines and blogs but I can see that it's original to who owns that hut :) Lakshmi, this is really great book, I can spend hours looking..drooling at gorgeous pics. Would like to get my hands on one.

  6. thanks Reema and Nayana for all the love for the post!

  7. I am sick to death of reading Blogs with low quality content and I am so glad that I found your article today. It has certainly cleared a lot of things up for me

  8. Lovely... each pic.. is an inspiration..

  9. I love the way you use things and lighting around your pictures. Its a simple magazine but a little help from day to day decor and the pictures turn out beautiful.

  10. thanks for your blog post i went to bandipur national park with my parents really it was amazing in that forest we all enjoyed a lot and we stayed inkgudi Resorts it was very good to stay i wish to vist again and stay there


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