Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tales of an Ancient town-The Jew Town

A Tryst with monsoon every year at the sweet  spice smelling Jew street .I really don't know what's the strong force that takes me back there every year.

Getting lost in those lanes and antiques every year.  Is it my fascination for all that is old or the love for the small streets.Running in  and out of those antique shops,a child like.This year was not different either..Being a regular even they look forward to see me every year and that i have many friends out there in Jew street.

Small old dilapidated buildings,air filled with the biting aromas of ginger,cardamom,cumin, turmeric  and cloves,those winding lanes of Synagogue filled with scores of antique stores and that is Jew Street for me ..and i love them to every bit..

To walk in those lanes and to get wet, a dream come true,the never ending journeys of a lifetime..with Jew street.

as we drove along the main spice market

running colours and closed windows

flower oils and attar bottles

beautiful houses

curio shops

its all beautiful

looking on to the streets

knobs in the brightest designs

old clay dolls,way too pricey

antiques and look alikes

combinations are perfect

light was just awesome

old clocks on the walls

azolla in big cement pots

pretty and lady like

eyes are bright...

in the prayers

on to the lane which goes to the synagogue

all old houses

curio shops

synagogue lane
typical tourist bargain

its all on the walls


  1. Lovely Lakshmi! This place is an all time favourite of mine. Broughr back a sense of deja vu!

  2. Wow! An art lover's paradise. I would have brought home so many things from there :P Thanks for sharing :)

  3. delightful pictures...i get a sense of why you love this place :)

  4. Beautiful... looks a lot like pondicherry


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