Friday, October 25, 2013

Divinity on diwali!

I simply love the approach of the Diwali season. 

The slight winter chill, the happy faces, the excitement of shopping, Diwali decorations and all that.Its now that the festivals has gained so much popularity and we celebrate it in various styles At home it was always the Divinity,the Pooja,the Ghee lit lamps and Marigolds.Still it remains all the more traditionally rooted at our homes.

Let the Divine ideas of Diwali surround you forever.Here are some snippets from the earlier celebrations of earlier years:)-

All images :Lakshmi Arvind
Please do not copy images..nor share without permission


  1. i absolutely love that picture with all the antique brassware and the marigolds. how divine!
    I am going heavily with brass too - this season.

    check out Aalayam's diwali feature.


  2. Absolutely amazing all the brass...marigolds and combo of red and green in last few pics.

  3. Love every photo, simple & elegant. You have such a talent with photography lakshmi, am in awe :)

  4. Love every photo, simple yet elegant. you have such a talent with photography Lakshmi am in awe :)

  5. Gorgeous pictures Laksh...each one special in its way. Love your antique brass collection.
    Enjoy the festive season and advance diwali wishes.

  6. Awesome images Lakshmi... Love them all...

  7. your images swwep me away to a beautiful place:) Happy Diwali Laksh. to you and your family. Sorry I could not send you pictures in time, just been a crazy few Anu

  8. Lakshmi madam

    Namaste. Happy Diwali wishes to you, to your family members and also to your arts friends.

    Lakshmi madam you blog is a treasure house or treasure trove on south indian heritage which contain many valuable and worthy information with amazing picture. Madam i like your blog very much because i am also same interest.

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