Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Festival Season at home..Diwali time

The fragrance filled the air

The musky aroma of the dull oranges,at thy feet

The bubble of warmth and the fragrance of the divine worship at Diwali

Mornings moments fresh and fragrant at Diwali time

Fresh garlands of seasonal flowers , vivid pink lotus buds,shimmering fabric that evoke the prayers

As Dusk slowly enveloped the house,the diwali evening was beautiful

Celebrate...and the house warms up for diwali!

A  Kaleidoscopic view of the festival season at our home

As I wait for another Diwali Morning:)-
Loved these lines on" A Diwali Morning"

On Diwali morning

her childhood returns: de

on the burnt grass, birds in flight 
singing, pampering by her aunts, 
the rustling of new dresses, 
delectable meals and sweets 

Joy sugared the air, as bright 
as firecrackers exploding.

On a November night 
the festival would arrive: the perfect 
opening notes of a symphony 
that would decide the fate of the planet. 
Each moment was alive: 
it was like being washed in the geyser 
of memory.
(Charles Fishman)

Home stitched beauties as cushions,Small golden beads that got stitched on to the sides:)-

I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love(Henry ward)

Worship is Divine..Everyday life has become my prayer(Sarah Ban)d caption

The bangles as votive holder

 As i wait for another Diwali Morning:)-

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  1. Absolutely beautiful images Lakshmi! Inspiring...

  2. Your pics always seem to exude grace and elegance......Loved the warm and traditional touches for Diwali. Thank you for sharing Lakshmi.

  3. That is so serene Lakshmi, loved every frame! Simply awesome!

  4. Lovely captures lakshmi....resonates the warmth of diwali.

  5. Lakshmi, your pictures are absolutely stunning! DROOL WORTHY!

    I truly miss the marigolds here in the US.

  6. Such beauty Laksh. You've made Diwali look so gorgeous. Simply love those bang les.


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