Monday, July 28, 2014

Coconut Lagoon,Kumarakom,Kerala

History in Liquid Reflections says it in one word about Coconut island type of resort in the district of Kuttanad.

Seemed  like we entered a feudal village of Malabar.The vast frolic of the vembanad lake and the intermittent canals within the property.The house boats,that move at its languid pace provide the flavour for the season..the monsoon that was with us there intermittently..

Together it celebrated the life and nature and its beauty in every sense and took us to a world in its simplicity..utter simplicity

History of Reflections..

amazing serenity 

the languid pace of life
there is always tea for the tea lovers

pieces of history

monsoon at its peak

floating reflections/flowers

all in the details

loving the interiors

lamps and canals

details are beautiful

180 degree view

windows and mornings

 umbrellas in pots ..nice idea

house come at its own pace..we stayed near the river

upside down view

details mind blowing


red umbrellas and monsoon

lamps and bokeh

floating sunshine

coconuts and kerala

in line...the chairs
Images and Ideas: Lakshmi Arvind
Please don't use images without the permission!


  1. Such a beautiful place, so green and luscious. Amazing photos thanks for sharing Lakshmi

  2. You've captured the place beautifully. As it looks, am sure :)

  3. In love with this place Laksh. You have captured it so beautifully :)
    Each image radiates warmth, peace and sheer beauty.


  4. hey love the post ! and great articles and congrates on reaching the top sites,.............i will be back visit to often.


  5. By seeing Pictures onle I can sense the beautiful and peaceful environment of there. Impressed with the interior ideas used. Lovely post!!
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer

  6. Oh, this looks fantastic! You are tickeling my memory. Have been to India and had a wonderful time in a wonderful country with great people living in.
    Have a happy happy time and all my best from Austria

  7. Mind-blowingly beautiful! Love the wooden furniture and that courtyard!

  8. Ive been to Kumarkom once.. not particularly to this place.. Looks stunning.. We had such a lovely time..


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