Sunday, February 8, 2015

India Design 2015!

India's Definitive Design week an Annual event is on from 13  to 15  February 2015.This event is going to be an amazing event for all of us who love design  and are interested in participating a dialogue and discussion on design.It fosters a dialogue between India and the global fraternity with a key focus on promoting the business of design.

If you are planning to attend, you can find all the details on the India Design ID.There are the exhibitions of all designers happening,then you can listen to the famous speakers  and then is the most interesting aspect where you get to travel to the famous design destinations in Delhi.

All in all the event is going to be a dream chaser event .So why wait please register and get on to the bandwagon to attend the sessions and get a whole good feel of the design fraternity in India.I am going to be there with all my heart and soul..

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