Thursday, April 23, 2015

Be Vintage!

Be Vintage creates home decor items with a vintage look complete with distressed finish and fun, bright colours.Young entrepreneurs Grishma, Abhineet and Monica with varied backgrounds have teamed up to develop a line of unique vintage style Victorian and French-inspired furniture .

Their items first range from frames, keyholders,wall hangings to furniture and showcase featured cabinets, chairs, nightstands, wooden trunks, etc., Their USP are the wood printed decor products. It's a new technique wherein an image is printed on wood.They source images online, treat them a certain way, add filters, etc., and then print them on wood. While most of their furniture is made of pine wood, Beech, Acacia and African Teak, they are open to customisation. They have also developed their own paints to get the distressed look for their furniture.They primarily sell through Facebook and one-off exhibitions but have now started stocking their products at a couple of boutiques in the city.  hoping to change the way into something beautiful and unusual.

Some of them which i love from their collections are here :)-

All images courtesy..Be Vintage

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