Tuesday, September 12, 2017

a Journey to Sweden!

                          Thank you for including me and my blog in the journey to Sweden!

A well planned and meticulous trip to Sweden. Perfect relations planned the entire journey amazingly and it was wonderfully executed by India travel Desk(fcm)and thank you Nivedita. There were ten  of us from different backgrounds, different places. It was a wonderful bunch of us travelling all the way crossing oceans and seas  to the wonderful place called Sweden. Nivedita  from IKEA and Neena from Perfect Relations  for accompanying and giving us a wonderful journey of togetherness.There is so much to see and so much to immerse in.What we saw was a glimpse and we all hoped it should have been a little more days more..but good things need an end.Short and Sweet ,as we just got immersed in Almhult..The fairy land of IKEA...Love you IKEA for the love...A flight from Delhi to Munich ,to Copenhagen  and then by train to the lovely beautiful lady like town of the south of Sweden called Hasselholm.

Hasselholm you were too pretty to be captured in my lens,in my eyes. Your beauty is forever in my heart,body and mind. There was something so romantic about this small European Scandinavian place.The small town was so pretty with flowers everywhere,the amazing match box sized buildings,overflowing plants and colourful bounties on the window sills. It looked straight out of a Pinterest Board.

There's something so beautiful in all corners,the cafes all decked up in its own beauty,the earthy and rustic style and down to earth people is what I loved the most. People here know how to take care of this gorgeous country.The scenic beauty is at the best,the sun sets at midnight,the inside of the shops lit in the night,very different from what we see in India.

There's something so wholesome and healthy about Sweden from its scenic beauty to its edible bounty,no day was complete without a long walk on the forested trails around where we lived in Hasselholm. If I close my eyes I can feel me happily wandering in the streets of Hasselholm.

we landed first into munich

beautiful country side,amazing train journeys

small european windows

stacked beautifully,flowers

lovely mauves 

the beautful cafes 
the lovely light falling into the room

beautiful mauves

Images and Ideas :Lakshmi Arvind.
Please ask permission before you use the images.

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