Friday, March 30, 2018

Hasselholm part 2

Beauty of Hasselholm continues to excite me even today.Its almost going to be an year since we went to IKEA,but beautiful memories remains as part an parcel of the mind..
A toast to the lovely memories again

as I walked and walked all over the streets of Hasselholm

European buildings and lay out

Beautiful doll  house like

spring madness in Hasselholm

nights as pleasant as these 

as i look down

walkways as beautiful

colours as pretty as pastel

white and blues 

ink blues all over 

churches as magnificient as these

old benches


white pompom flowers

beautifully grand

nights as dark as these 

rained and rained..spring rains

beautifully trailing roses

raining beautifully

pink and delicate

All Images courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind

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