Monday, December 21, 2009

The Jew Street,Fort kochi

Visiting Kerala every year during the summer vacations and Cochin being my maternal house, we keep travelling to many places in and out of Cochin. Rekindling childhood memories of Fort Kochi, we started out on a tour to the streets of Fort Kochi.

The spice markets on one side, antique stores on the other and the synagogue in its pride and glory, brightly painted walls and houses are all things which fetches Fort Kochi its name. It is one of the oldest Jewish settlements, when the jewish traders came to Cochin in 700 BC. Now there is only a single Jewish family here in this street.
Overflowing spice boxes,when we reached there,they were just starting to spread out their wares.

Antique shops lining the streets,their display is a sightClock tower and the synagogue at the end of the lanes.Star of the David can be seen on the gate opp the synagogue door, as in Israel's Flag along with candelabras.
what a name for a book shop.,"Incy Bella"

Embroidery units
Sarah embroidery is by "Sarah auntie", a jew whose family has been in kochi for years. The sign in Hebrew says "Shalom"
The lane going to the synagogue were painted in stark colors,green,blue,brown,yellow

Even we had our quiet time in Jew street, going through the various shops and their antiiques and I did find some things for our house too..


  1. Hi Lakshmi,
    I am craving and waiting for the day when I have my walk along the Jew Street ... I have ton loads os things on my shopping list ...Sigh ... you really do make it sound soooo exciting ... :)

  2. Great photos, I adore Kochi and have fond memories of the times that I have spent there.

    Joyeux fetes


  3. heard a lot about this street...would love to visit this place sometime...

  4. I remember wandering around here last winter. Wish I had more time though, there was so much to see, beyond the shops.

  5. Hi Lakshmi,

    I stumbled upon your blog through BlogAdda and wanted to request you for your email id.

    I work with Blogworks and my email id is

    Look forward to hear from you.




  6. Oh so nice.. Are there house boats in Kochi as well?? I'd love to go on a house boat and then go spend a day or two at the Jewish market.. wow.. wow!! *starts planning*

  7. We(me and my husband) went to this street in July 2003 and I still feel serenity of the place is lingering somewhere in my mind.

  8. What a wonderful place to explore! So many interesting things to see.

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  10. Hai Lakshmi, the hebrew word in the sign board says "SIMHA" not "SHALOM" and it means heaven.


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