Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Cottage.Jeolikot,Nainital

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2010.
Much more Indian Interior ideas to come all your way this year.To start the blog rolling with ,after the celeberations,let me take all in to the hills,where mists roll and dew hangs from the leaf tips and petals,let me take you all in to the interiors of the beautiful cottage in Kumaon region,jeolikot,where we spend some days the last year.

At a height of four thousand feet high its an all weather,all destination.
The owner Ms Bhuvanakumari has tried and managed to blend the best of the three life styles decor and ambience,that of the pucca,not so pucca sahibs of the raj era ,the Kumaoni tradition and the comforts of the modern era.

The floor is wodden,seesham and soothing to the legs.Sofas are covered with patch work dhurries and ancient vintage carved windows and frames add to the beauty.These were meticulously salvaged from the debris and junk of demolished homes—destroyed by their owners to make ‘modern’ ones—some as far away as 250 kms!

The owner loves cotton and can be seen in all her furnishings and the lamp shades around are a beauty to the eyes.

There are so many curios kept beautifully,painfully collected over the years..
The amazing thing i found there was the wall art,the walls were painted in different patterns and the bathroom walls and the doors and all of them had patterns drawn beautifully on them.The stay there transcended us into A raj era for definite...

The food is their speciality,good food,delicate dishes keep coming from their kitchen..The home made cakes and desserts are a speciality..
Tea kept our spirits warm..

As their site says,for everything there is a season,the slvyian serenity and the cottage awaits your holiday season.
Tell me how did you all feel about "The Cottage"
Visit their site at Cottage online
(Images and ideas by Lakshmi Arvind.Please do not reproduce any images)


  1. Oh wow!! this sure looks like a great place to stay in ... So calm & serene.. I've been to Nainital once.. but we stayed at a hotel.. not even close to this place.. wow!

  2. Wow, I've been waiting for these shots! It looks like a great place and I love the textures they have used. You got some really great shots of the cottage.

  3. Such lovely pictures! The cottage at Jeolikot has been on my travel list for some time now..must visit this summer :)


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