Friday, July 2, 2010

A Big Warm Hello with floating water lettuces...

Apologies arent enough for going missing from this space of my own. Excuses aren't enough though, i deeply apoligise. Thanks and a big hug to all my readers who even in my absence kept commenting on all my posts and kept on encouraging me to be back for good... 
We had been down south, to our home in Kerala for summer vacations and have come with lots of ideas,inspirations and images to share. So stay tuned for loads of stuff  in the coming posts..

Let me share you an instant idea for the interior decor..This works in all tropical and subtropical climates even if left unattended:)-

You are all familiar with floating flowers,petals and jasmines.
Now try floating "Water Lettuces"or "Pistia"

Pistia is a genus of aquatic plant, often called water cabbage or water lettuce. It is the shape of the leaves that make it so attractive. 

You can also grow a lot of them in cement containers in the balconies, but make sure you put some small guppy fishes coz these can become breeding sites for mosquitoes. In waterways and canals they block the whole waterway and its a potent weed, but one or two of the weeds can decorate your interiors..

They can be floated in urulis,or small tubs of different colors..
why wait, just try?


  1. Hi Lakshmi,
    Welcome back :)...Yah, after a looong time...and a nice post too..
    Hope, enjoyed your trip to down south...
    Let's keep in touch.

    Warm regards

  2. I like the idea of water plants and guppies-that would be wow!

  3. ha ha ha... Dont apologise.. its your own space.. We missed you.. thats all.. How are you doing???

    Oh fab.. really? I need to get one of these aquatic plants as well...

  4. Welcome back :-) Missed your lovely posts!

  5. Love your blog. Listen, I'm doing an Indian woman's zen, yoga, reading room in Atlanta, GA. Do you know where I might find inexpensive coffee tables or side tables with elephant feet or simply decor that will compliment that style.

  6. Hey Laksh...welcome back and hope u had a great vacation :-)


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