Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flowers and Flickr Friends Part 5

Leelawadee as she fondly calls herself in flickr,is a very dear friend of mine and is" Aor".She is an amazing photographer and clicks images with ease.I love all her images and especially flowers have a special place in my mind and heart.The way she opens her mind to travel and clicks any image fondly,even a single flower..Light and shadows are captured dearly in her images..

I am a simple person with various interests, an amateur photographer,this is what she says ?
She says she loves to travel and wish to do more to complete all the destination on her list.
Her screen name ''Leelawadee'' is the Thai name of Frangipani, her favorite flower and who doesnt love Frangipanis.....??
Have a look and enjoy her images and flowers....

Image Courtesy;Leelawadee
Do watch her images at :


  1. I've always loved the simplicity of Aor's photos. There's a great sense of serenity that comes across so beautifully.

  2. Too Beautiful flowers you have any flowers delivery system.. i am in love with your flowers.. Flowers delivery

  3. * Thank you very much Lakshmi for writing and posting my photos here:) You really make them look great on your blog :). I'll write you soon...!

    *And Thanks a lot Shalini, I really need to try to get myself back on Flickr...very long time..Will catch up with you very soon too..

    Take care!

  4. Beautiful. I have a Frangipani stem now which is sprouting leaves, I hope I can someday have flowers in them like "Leelawadee".

    Thanks Lakshmi for this post.

  5. The photos are so simply.. yet soooo gorgeous.. Speaks a lot about the beautiful person she must be...


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