Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hauz Khas Village,New Delhi

NewDelhi's most faboulous green patches surrounds Hauz Khas Village,a nice walkway around the lake,some impressive monuments dot the region.A different world thrives in the small area surrounding the lake and called Hauz Khas village,an artists village.The artists village is not too much designer type,but still very stylish and bohemian.Its got some decent cloth stores,decent food joints,jewellery designs,cafes,leather,art,fashion agencies,travel agencies etc.The area is quite and laidback.Its quite stylish and has got some real wacky names unlike a standard market in Delhi.

Back in the village,wander through the narrow lanes to experience a medley of old and new structures-expensive shops and art galleries in a medieval warren.Find your way to the gardens near the ruin of a madrassa at the back of the village.In the 1980's Hauz Khas was designated an upscale tourist destination,but the process of redevelopment was never completed,so some of the village's character persists.After exploring,stop for a ameal at one of the viallges restaurants,particulaly,(Park Balluchi) in the Deer park,Naivedyam or the Village Bistro...

We entered the small bylanes of HAuzkhas and this is what we saw and you all enjoy

Park your cars here,private cars are not allowed inside the village

you pass the Mulk Raj Anand centre here,you can register yourself for tabla classes here,watch out for exhibitions here..

advertisements adorn the walls

kunzum cafe,what a name for a cafe? Very nice place.

a litter free board..quite artistic

we had our lunch at Naivedyam..and set out for the walk.

indian arts store where you get ravi varma prints,lithographs and maps and movie posters..

you walk down the stairs and select the best,prices are fixed..

interesting advertisements for shops

interesting posters..

a temple in the bylanes

we have been to gunpowder umpteen times,only problem is it is in the fourth floor,climb all the way up,book your seats in advance..

it was diwali time and marigolds where seen everywhere hanging in front of shops,an artistic way to hang

country collection,you can window shop or enter and see the rare old furniture housed here..

drawings on the walls...

shom or ishom?

purple jungle,where you get things kitschy..

the front of an art gallery,lovely seating designs

what a name for a clothing store

Hope all of you enjoyed the joy ride in the bylanes of Hauz Khas...

Image courtesy; Lakshmi Arvind.please do not steal nor copy images..


  1. Hi LAkshmi,
    Sure one of my fav. haunts ... I never have enough time to finish all the stores and the next time soem more new ones popup ... loooove that place ... :):) ... thanks for getting me all geared up for some summer fun ... HK village here I come ... ;)

  2. Lakshmi, what a nice post! I've been to Houz Khas but never seen any of these. Its now on my list of places to go on my next trip to India. Thanks for sharing.

  3. such interesting signage!...would love to do a shopping spree there!

  4. pretty cool images....i have not being to delhi..other than for my NCC camps..but nice to see these glimpses of the city

  5. Hey Lakshmi, I have never been to HK village, but reading your post I have to definitely visit this place, Thanks


  6. its something different and interesting too...

  7. Thanks for this tour Lakshmi! Loved it. Seems like a bookmark for my next visit to Delhi, don't know when that is going to be :) Very interesting place!

  8. Oh.. I missed this place when I went to Delhi... mm.. Next time it would a must-visit-place on the list.. Lovely images..

  9. Ah! Gunpowder...I love the food there. Your post makes me miss my city even more :-)

  10. A very nice show of pictures, thank you so much for giving me this sight of India. I would like so much to come back...


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