Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saundhi Mitti

Thanks Ruchira for the mail,otherwise would not have known you for long.The first online collective pottery shop,based in Delhi.The only pottery boutique with works from 20 plus potters across the country and the list is everchanging and thts "Saundhi Mitti".They all look absolutely pretty and i cant wait to get back to Delhi.

After nearly 11 years of a corporate career, I realised my heart lay with pottery, and I've been messing around with clay for a year now. I absolutely love it says Ruchira from Saundhi Mitti..A treasure chest of exquisite pottery pieces,so why wait?

Modern twist to exquisite pieces,very traditional and eclectic ones,modern ones,functional items,decoration items and knickknacks ....and a lot of them ,you will love it...
The website is almost ready to go online ,but why wait,connect them through your facebook at saundhi mitti.I am glad to have known so many of Indias talent an amazingly creative people.

curvy shape, but with 3 varying shades of brown and a double-spiral lid. Yummy!
traditional pot in the with a lovely rusty maroon glaze inside. 9 cms tall, 13 cms wide
a black and pale green teapot, almost sculptural in shape, dome-like lid, crackled glaze finish on the body; a perfect gift for someone into artsy home decor.
A one-of-its-kind lotus leaf platter, with green and ochre glazes, and cutwork on the edges. Perfect as a centerpiece, add a candle or potpourri for effect. An ideal housewarming gift :

pair of baingans: crackled green glaze on the lid, aubergine glaze on the body. Use just for decor, or serve saunf-supari in them after dinner. Guaranteed conversation-piece :-) By Sona.

n artistic installation – 5 spheres, each identical, yet unique. Creative glazing – green with specks of black. Unusual form – great as a centerpiece or the highlight of your mantle

Teabowls,how could i leave them?
Coral-green glazed bowls with brown accents. Unusual hues on a classic clay form, by my dearest friend Prachi from Purplehomes
All images courtesy:Saundhi Mitti


  1. They are totally cool and great shots.

  2. Dear Lakshmi, thanks for this post and your lovely words! I look forward to your visit to Delhi. Your blog is a revelation :-)

  3. Love all the accents used in the pieces... Its great to see such excellant talent in our country ....!! Great...!!

  4. lovely...saw something like tht at a shop y.day cldnt resist myself from picking it up..

  5. Thanks for the sweet mention. Love, P


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