Wednesday, September 14, 2011

India Modern

A much loved article from the magazine "Better Interiors" written By Lathika Khosla. A few excerpts from it which goes on to say about the Modern India. The Architecture is the showpiece in India now. Volumes are left free to enjoy the space. The old-world roof and structure have been maintained, yet contemporized with new surface finishes.

If one chances upon a resort, or a restaurant or a shop, there is old and new at the same time. India like many other Asian countries have been a much loved destination for Indian inspiration. The arches, the mellow colours of sandstone and ochre and the pillared verandahs have been architectural muses, the carvings, the fretwork, patterned and woven textiles and the art has been much loved by the Indophiles as well as all those within the country who love the traditions..

Traditional techniques are lauded, because there is purity of creation as in the way an interior looks finally..

Somewhere along the way India Modern has begun to turn from Euro-centric devotion to Asian living as an inspiration.

More and more there is greater intent on not only global colour, but colour and ethos so regional that it fuels our hunger for embracing what is our own as own..

Lathika Khosla is on the board of colour marketing USA and the founder organiser of Colours India. She is also the founder director of Freedom Tree, a wholly Indian Colour led lifestyle brand and she has her own studio called Freedom Tree Design that undertakes colour consultancies and assignments..

Image Courtesy: Better Interiors
Text Courtesy: Lathika Khosla


  1. india being a source of inspiration is absolutely true...when executed well we end up with amazing decor

  2. I like this kind of design too. Clean, minimal yet warmth from traditional touches.

  3. Beautiful post and pictures! I just echo Shalini's comment above.

  4. great post...and these are beautiful modern inspiration with traditional touches...


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