Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pottery in Delhi

Who doesn't love Pottery and Pottery items..I am not an exception to this..Dont you all love ?

A post based on an interesting article that came up in Times of India , named "Kiln Deep "nowadays they dedicate the fridays Weekend planner to Art and culture.They cam up with various options to study Pottery and to buy pottery and to enjoy pottering in Delhi...It made an interesting read and thought it would interest my readers too..


They did definitely mention about "Saundhi Mitti " And about Ruchira Bhatia...and her online pottery studio..
Scour the streets of Delhi's Mini Alwar to pick the best ceramics.In the  vicinity of Kumhar gram,near Sainik Vihar,it houses 700 families from Rajasthan,Alwar shapes a great chunk of ceramicscape-decking all the fairs and even five star lobbies.To familiarise even better with this talent hub,Indomania cultural tours have initiated a day tour of this pottery village,in association with South Asia Foundation,an NGO working for crafts people.  To tell you about the tour,it starts early morning,during Summer to avoid the heat,preferably  around 6 or 7 am and concludes by 10.30 am.They have a small souvenier shop as well..
Visit them here:

 Potter Mania
  TOI lists the professional potters in and around Delhi that give great frist hand experinces in its own.Sheila Hashmis studio,Meena Vohra in Noida and then the MAATI SRIJAN:The clay studio in IP extension,a gallery space and a store showcasing pottery pieces,including those made in their own classes and studio spaces.

Then there is the Delhi pottery studio in safdarjang enclave equipped with wheels,kilns both gas and woodfired.There are also special weekend classes and special summer batches.They also run a ceramic centre in Sanskriti kendra,Ghittorni.A month long pottery course in the beautiful environs of SANSKRITI at an affordable cost of Rs 1500 is absolutely worth it.So just make clay when the sun shines!

 my very own from Bridge Pottery,Pondi

from Bridge Pottery,Always gets filled with flowers...on all ocassions and otherwise
Information courtesy: Supriya Sharma,TOI


  1. Oooh, I'd love to join that course. What fun to learn how to create such beauties. Love the varieties of flowers you get....must go flower shopping with you some day.

  2. i would so love to visit....and i will try to always have flowers displayed too!

  3. Very informative article.enjoyed all the images of your home.

  4. Oh my!! Im dying to join in!! You people are sooooooooooo lucky!! :-( I've been looking for places here.. but there are none..

  5. i am not an exception either:)..love pottery..been itching to go for classes for a long time.

  6. There is this wonderful course coming up on 17th December 2011 by Tanuja Jain on Porcelain Clay Modelling. You should check it out at www.skillkindle.com


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