Friday, March 2, 2012

At home,these days...

Hello All. I have been so very busy lately that I haven't had the time to blog. And I am missing it.Thanks for all those who have written to me . Just thought I would put in some snaps of the season gone by. The dilli sardi, the burnt oranges and reds of winter giving way to the earthy hues of spring.Each travel we made has been close to heart..Some travels have been just for fun,some for photography and some helped learn a lot... Each travel has associated memories with it and our house has been filled with little memorabilia and those remain as memories for the future .They remain  to shine in all the frames that i photograph..

mellow yellows that brightened our winter

a breezy corner

my favourites and our restored bench

love how the cups matched,a recent buy form the surajkund mela..(later abig post)

a special kind etched lotta from gujarat,loved this decor idea
a buy from ahmedabad,House of MG,their inhouse design ,boatshaped candle holders,to be hung

Akhanda diya form House of MG,Ahmedabad

an old biscuit tin from the bylanes of Ajmer

the lamps get lit in the evening

ektara from dilli haat,,an old blue pottery cup and floating rose petals

some book always add character to the room

a turban which we bought for my son.,from the lanes of pushkar sits on the centre table
flower come in my way of life.,floating or other ways....the fragrance of my life

image :lakshmi do not copy image


  1. Beautiful!Lakshmi ,Very calming :)

  2. your pics are something out of the world laksh...beautiful :)

  3. Lovely collectibles, each one's a delight to look at!

  4. Oh that embroidered cushion is fabulous. Love the mellow light in the shots too.

  5. Gorgeous finds. Especially love the boat candle holders and akhand diyas.
    I had seen something similar to the boat candle holder in US with a huge price tag and have always wanted to get something on those lines. Now I know where to get them..thanks to you !:)

  6. You are a genius Lakshmi, love your work and your home!!

  7. lovely curios lakshmi and ur photography makes them look superlative!!

  8. Lovely finds and beautifully shot by you!!!


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