Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prabuddha Dasgupta an Inspiration!

Prabhuddha Dasgupta and his images still keep flashing in mind and I still think about him. He shouldnt have gone so soon, it wasn't the time for him, But then Why...Life has its own ways ..

Years back, in Vogue..the images that caught everybodys attention..that was the first time, even I knew about him.
Although he preffered the monochrome images, the colours that came across in  his images were extraordinary. They reflected  the rich colours of India and always left me trying to learn a lot from his images. Seasons and its colours were best shown by him. There was always a sense of connection which we could establish in his images and he had the power of bringing extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. Intensity in all forms could be found in all his images ,it seems the images speak a thousand words.

As TOI reports "An intense man with so many Auras, India's Avedon Prabhuddha Dasgupta wanted to give us images that burnt in our memory long after they were seen no more''.

Lakshmi Menon as "Frida Kahlo"

the ordinary into an extraordinary.

the colours richly captured
loved all the blues

mellow yellows..,bright yellows

colour combinations..yellows and browns
1 to 9 Images Courtesy:from here
9-14 images courtesy:Vogue 2009,2010
for more images,look here and here
All Images courtesy: Prabuddha Dasgupta
If any problem in displaying these images,do drop a mail.

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