Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Surajit Bomti Iyengar's artful abode,Calcutta

This residence was on mind when I first read about this residence in Elle Decor.As always the  City of Joy..Calcutta is on mind ...i always read about Calcutta and places in and out of Calcutta and various walks organised by the city ..And then i read about a walk which gives us breakfast at the Iyengars place.And then i just couldn't resist posting about the wonderful home.An artful abode where they feature the prized and the precious possessions of theirs..The images are taken by the great master of Interior Photography "Sir Henry Wilson".these are images from Elle Decor..Read more about here

In the Calcutta apartment of the Iyengar family, a bedroom includes an array of ceramic and bone-china plates, a vintage clock, and Art Deco seating
A drawing by Shahjajan hangs above a cabinet in the dining area.
Surajit Iyengar’s bedroom holds an antique Bengal four-poster.
An antique desk and bureau in Surajit’s bedroom.
Colonial furniture and paintings by young Bengal artists in the dining area.

All images courtesy: Elle Decor


  1. Nice home :) I admire the musty look on the walls. Somehow they blend with everything in the room. Personally, I am not bold enough to keep this look in my house as I am a complete neat freak. Those walls tell the story of many years of being much remind me of those old rest houses. I wish they also added colour like her.

  2. Gorgeous space, Lakshmi! Thank you for posting. Which issue is this in? The article date reads May 2011. I'll see if I can get a copy from the library - I'd love to see it in print!

  3. Fabulous stuff on the walls...wish they had taken close ups...I am not sure I like the walls...not sure, if it is painted that way to give an old wall look...or it is all the water seepage and wall going musty...hope it is the former...

    Thanks for sharing

  4. the walls and what's on the walls


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