Monday, July 27, 2015

Kunal Shah Designs

There's an  amazing array of talents in India and Kunal Shah is one among them and one of my favourites. It's his understated elegance and love for the simplicity yet making a traditional touch ,love for flowers that instantly drew me towards following his works.

I also love the fact that my inspirations remain his too:)-He is inspired by the works of Geoffrey Bawa ,John Pawson, Gaudi and Bijoy Jain.

All thanks to my dear friend Shalini Pereira.Its through her i read more about him and became virtual friends.They both are good friends and fellow IED alumnis.Kunal Sha founded Kunal Shah designs in 2004.This boutique design firm believes in a restrained and understated design aesthetic that focuses on subtle nuances and finer details. I love the clean lines and almost minimalist feel to the spaces he creates. They are very contemporary and yet unmistakably Indian.

Kunal travels a lot and often draws inspiration from his travels and his other passion, art.

Seen below are some awesome vignettes of his amazing home on instagram.The amazing pick of carefully selected furniture,art and the cool neutral palettes.His aesthetically simple minimalistic approach. Amazingly homely,but an old world charm.An amazing appreciation and love towards the different forms of art and craft. 

His home has a mixture of sculptures and books and flowers thrown here and there creating its own love with all these..
Thank you kunal for allowing me to share all these images.
May you create more beautiful homes:)- and amazing spaces!


All images courtesy:Kunal Shah ..Instagram account.
Please ask permission if you want to use the images.


  1. Lovely post ... absolute feast for my eyes .

  2. These pictures want to go and change the decor in my home...:-).

  3. Absolutely love the photos ! Especially the third last photo, were you've captured the sunlight so beautifully!


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