Friday, October 21, 2016

Usher in the festivties ,EkDori !!

It's Diwali season, the festival of lights .. It's just a count down  of some more days to Diwali. The festive season is all about colours and rituals and traditions.

This festive season the blog posts speaks all about Women Power. Simple and very straight forward, loving women whom i have come across as virtual friends and who have turned out to be the best among all. The posts are all about a series of Women who strive very hard to bring in beauty to our spaces,our mind,body and soul.

Ek Dori is a brand that is Indian in its soul and its core. It is the dori that ties our passions, dreams, heritage, history and culture together says Abhilasha, the owner of Ek Dori.

Its her passion that helped her create a very intimate space of her own. Each Ek Dori product is curated or created by hand and holds some significance. The Ek Dori team is an all women's team and to become a source of income, joy and happiness for these women is the fuel that drives Ek Dori. I wish you all love and luck.


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  1. Great and real traditional of india. love to see this thanks for sharing.


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