Monday, September 26, 2016

Kitchen as a dream come true!

To choose a cooking space that suits one’s lifestyle, the new emerging trend seems to be modular kitchens that take care of functionality and aesthetics alike. With the heart of the home turning into a space to socialize in, choose ideas that suit your style. Personalized kitchens are here to stay.

Isn't it always amazing to have spaces that are compact and efficient to personalize your culinary spaces? Creating spaces with the right ingredients of vibrant shades, smart surfaces with efficient appliances and gadgets will help you create your own budget friendly kitchen.

In the search for brands delivering Modular Kitchens I came across numerous big brands and an endless number of local players, and got confused day by day when I started reading about each of them and their product offerings. Since I was not going to be doing up my kitchen space multiple times, we wanted to be sure about getting the items absolutely right.

We realized immediately that we were looking at a Herculean task to just list out all the features available with each of the vendors, put prices on them and then make a comparison. In addition, it made me think how I was going to go about it and make sure that I had got the correct mix of products.

Digging further into the net revealed a gem of a marketplace, CapriCoast. They have partnered with design firms and brands on their platform and had a host of features that really help in deciding on the right vendors. They have different vendors to provide wider choice of material and different price points to suit different budgets. Having multiple vendors onboard also helped expose customers like me to endless options like stainless steel kitchens, which were earlier unheard of.

The process of doing your new kitchen or remodeling your old one starts online so that you need not juggle your weekend at showrooms. CapriCoast also arranges for showrooming considering the high involvement and expensive nature of the product. To add to that you will have a CapriCoast consultant taking you through the entire process, be it choosing the right vendor to suit your requirements, or deciding on payment modes (they have an Emi option available, which is a blessing). What I also liked was CapriCoast’s Instant Estimator tool that is very unique in this industry, enabling easy standardised vendor comparisons.

CapriCoast  ensures that you get the best possible price by pre-negotiating with the vendors. They also act as a guarantor to assure you of the quality of the product, timely delivery and transparent pricing.

Process started by getting estimates by filling in the requirements or choosing a design, getting an estimate for that design by filling in your room size. I was very happy at choosing one that fit my budget and preference.

Images courtes: Capricoast

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