Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amarya Haveli,A Bed and Breakfast Place

Amarya Haveli ,a bed and breakfast place in Delhi is acheerful blend of ethnic motifs and European comfort. An eclectic array of Indian antique furnishings intersperses contemporary d├ęcor, creating a cozy ambience that infuses this charming home, from the warm silken lounge and individually styled suites to the magical starlit terrace… 

As Frequent visitors to Delhi the French owners of Amarya Haveli,Alex and Mathieu,understood the challenges of staying somewhere comfortably.They found atwo storeyed home in the medieval village of Hauz khas ad decorated it with the artefacts handpicked from Rajasthan.6 comfortable stylised rooms ,comfortable and themed,named after the Indian cities,JAipur for the pink room with a mirror,Jodhpur for the blue with a serene buddha sturcture,Mumbai with blue and red with a neon bolly wood sign.Vintage posters of mother India and beautiful flowers welcome you ...

Image courtesy:Amarya Haveli


  1. How gorgeous and exotic and that too right there in Delhi itself! Love the white bedroom with the tree mural...such a romantic room.

  2. GOD! this is beautiful! i love every single picture..i want to move here permanently...Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. How amazing.. and to think everytime I've gone to Delhi.. I've stayed at such awful.. regular .. hotels!!!

    This is where I'm going to stay the next time.. if nothing.. atleast for the lovely orange wall!!

  4. I have lived in Delhi and never knew about this place. Thanks for sharing.

    How I am tempted to paint the walls of my bedroom orange!

    I miss my rattan chairs... :-(

  5. Wow I grew up in Delhi and I do not know of this gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks Shalini,Purplehomes,Pat,Sudha,Proccupied,
    Vasudha and Anuradha for the lovely comments.

  7. Great blog, lovely place

  8. Beautiful !!
    thanks for sharing this post!


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