Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Small Plants

I've always dreamed of coming home to a flower-filled entry garden or relaxing in a backyard decorated with beautiful, healthy plants. Learning about the plants,identifying them,noticing their color and scent; shape, pattern, and texture; pots and containers; and lighting is an experience in its own for me all throughout the life.
In love with them since childhood and so my profession...

Instead of having houseplants that just take up space, why not have houseplants that make the space?
Some small plants integrated in various corners in my home..

Images and Ideas Conceived by Lakshmi Arvind.
Pl.dont steal or copy images


  1. Lovely collection Lakshmi.
    You have inspired me to add some more to my collection... this spring :)

  2. beautiful post...as usual amazing pics

  3. lovely images .i admire your passion.

  4. Thanks Anupama ,Purplehomes and matsya for your lovley comments

  5. Like your pickle *martban* planter. :-)

  6. Wonderful images and ideas Lakshmi!
    I loved the small plants (each one!), the carved box, the bamboo(?) tray, the l'tl buddha and the silhouette...

    Can i borrow these succulent pics for my cactus monday, sometime...probably next week...?? Will give you credit for sure:)

    As for my attachment to cactus, the answer is in my blog...do drop by:)

  7. I have your succulent pictures in my blog as part of Cactus Monday. Thanks dear :)

  8. Hi Lakshmi,
    You have an amazing sense of photography.the post is a pleasure to go through.I love succulents.They are also the easiest to maintain,at the same time they can enliven any corner of the house!

  9. Wow! Beautiful plants and arrangements. And great photography too. I love how those two complement each other.

    I was wondering if you could suggest some common plants I could grow on my desk—like in a coffee mug or a flat tin box (less than an inch deep).

    Thanks in anticipation, and keep up the good work!


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