Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Terracotta love at home

Simple ways in which we could bring terracotta art into our homes.Terracotta items definitely bring a cheer and a way different from the usual.A keen sense of aesthetics will help you incorporate these items in your daily life.

Some of those that brought warmth to our home...
Plumerias floating in a terracotta uruli brought smile on everyones face and fragrance in the air.,
Terracotta hanging lamp and small uruli ,a horse and a lantern with some dry arrangement ,home down south
Pink Bougainvilleas and pink watermelon juice,a time to put your feet high and indulge in reading
who doesnt love drinking chai from a desi cup?
some horses and a dry arrangement on a centre table,home down south
Can you all see the ganeshjis hiding under the leaves,they are there right down..
terracotta tiles on the courtyard,at home
a collection of shells and flowers in the corner of a room,float some flowers along the shells...

some cranes in the garden,painted ones ..and the tall jug,home down south
chimes on the grills,home down south

The warmth of the clay items and the burnt smell of the baked items have been definitely passed over to your homes from mine.I hope you all will start incorporating these small items in your decor and nurture the art..Simple things and great decor ...
If you all loved these ,do write to me ...

All images and Ideas by Lakshmi Arvind
Pl dont copy images,,


  1. I love the earthiness of terracotta. Great shots...love the lantern.

  2. I love the earthiness of terracota. Great shots and I love the lantern.

  3. sooooo pretty... I love drinking chai of a kullad.. Also.. I have a few and have painted warli on them...

  4. super !! Terracotta def. brings in a cool and earthy feel to the whole ambiance

  5. Though I am a plumeria fan, the bougainvilla arrangement is stunning! I love the earthiness of terracotta, invariably end up picking stuff from exhibitions, in a recent Khadi exhibition bought some chai mugs, diffuser, footscrubs,hanging lanterns and much more - loved your post

  6. Simply superb. Love each and everything that you have on display. Would love to see more of your home.

  7. the first and fourth arrangement is a delight..:)

  8. I Lakshmi I am really so glad to see your love for terracotta..I must say ur creative and this setting looks so cozy and comfortable

  9. Hi Lakshmi,simple things have been turned into unique decor items..I love terracotta stuff,the jewellery items that i wear are just beautiful..you have displayed these items with such a sense of aesthetics....loved reading and the photographs...


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