Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The bit of Kutch at home

The journey to the wonderful and vibrant state of Gujarat started with the idea of covering the wonderful city of Ahmedabad and surrounding places of interest and then also to the beautiful Kutch.As time was not enough for us and travelling with an eighth month old and a  6 year old left with us no choice of going to Kutch as it required much more time than we thought it would take.So leaving Kutch  later for this year we returned.

A way of Delhi Life,being in the whirl wind of exhibitions and melas and its share of fun and frolic..So what if we didnt make it to the kutch regions,it was as though I got to see their products together.It was the Annual exhibition of Kalaraksha,the NGO working in Kutch region.It was memerizing to see their products and a life time of experience for us and yeah i didnt forget to shop a little ...Read more about here.

upcycled exhibition
pamphlets and leaflets and calender are showstoppers
the video of the craft

Nina sabnani the great illustrator has written a book for children.

the calender had so much information...a good read
upcycling patch work quilts and applique quilts

the hat of a Rabari child,when she is ceremonially given a  name.An inventive artisan combined the two old head coverings converting them into fashion,a very thoughtful upcycling

Chotlo was re made using old beads and tiny cowrie shells which have not been available for decades.The artisan added pink plastic beads to give it a contemporary feel

the Stitching Stories,some illustrations from the beautiful book

beautiful illustrations

the kutch upcycled rajai at home,made us cozy this winter

those cushions,loved the beads..
did make my heart flutter

the rustic feel

the beauty deep down,...

Images and Ideas Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Oh, such inspiring pieces of art..really, they're more than just embroidery. Love, love, love the shot that made your heart flutter.

  2. wonderful post....makes me want to fly off to India.....

  3. Nice post Lakshmi...I love Gujarat and the way they keep the traditional art alive. Lovely illustration On the book page too.

  4. Lovely... the shadow work and the subtle beauty

  5. So inspiring, I am in love with this post Lakshmi! Kutch seems a must-visit for art lovers, must-do someday!

  6. Each photo is better than the previous one..love your floor lamps..and what flowers are those,in the kindi?

  7. thanks all.
    @purple rickshaw....the yellow flowers are of Coreopsis tinctoria.It is a traditional dye palnt also known as dyers coreopsis.coreopsis has showy radiant 2 in. yellow flower heads with reddish/brown centers. Some plants have dark red flowers, others have yellow and red flowers.


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