Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Indu Harikumar...

A childrens writer and a brilliant illustrator as I say ,but you will all be  very clear from her blog posts and in all the works she does.She says she is an elephant lover,traveller,fabric fiend,lover of languages,totes,hand bags and what not..It was accidentally some months ago reading about a cafe in Delhi and heard about the exhibition she had there led me into her blogs and finally found a good friend in her..eventhough we have not met.She has authored books and hope she gets many many accolades for the brilliant work .She is recently into recycle and reuse and makes small bags,totes,from scraps of cloth and some of them are for sale too..

 loved this one,for all mango lovers,mangoes are very much in season,i would have framed this..summers and mangoes
a match box book for the tomato lovers

a cover  form some bakery ....becomes a man with tie,love the moustaches

another bus ticket becomes abus..,brilliant imagination
a chance to convert the ticket tub into art.this was when the common wealth games were held.Kunzum cafe held this event with Indu harikumar..Walk in with the ticket and walk away with art.this is how they welcomed common wealth games with a difference. 
another beauty
its chocolate season

 these are some beautiful bags which she recycled from old materials and were for sale..these might have been sold..but there are more flowery bags and brocade bags for sale.
Find them here
Visit her blog here:

Indu:...it took me along time to post,but your illustrations are brilliant..waiting to meet you

All Images:Indu Harikumar


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