Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shekhawati via Behror

Remembering the last monsoons,wherein it was the first travel my little son did when he was 6 months old..Travelling to known and unknown places had been a part of life from the time we got married.My daughter already knows it and has been grown onto it.Looking at her  Almancs,we hurriedly look for vacations. Tripadvisors help a lot in planning and are inevitable for us with the two little ones..

We traveled last monsoons to the Shekhawati region ,which is at the tip of the triangle which includes the Delhi Jaipur circuit.Shekhawati once used to be the caravan trade routes linking Pali and Bhiwani Read more here .The palatial fresco painted buildings now deserted are a living memories the days that flourished .We took the route via Behror and even stopped for a night at the Rajasthan Motel Midway.It was nothing great ,but the next morning,some designs in the garden just made me stop and gaze..The hotel was in a mode of reconstruction.

All images:Lakshmi Arvind
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