Monday, July 16, 2012

And the Lotus Bloomed on our Wall

On a lazy afternoon,my brother and I had a heated discussion over home makeovers and how to give our home a personal touch. 

Just to prove a point we started doodling on the wall slowly by slowly our scribbles gave way to lines,line to curves and eventually beautiful blossoms became apparent on the walls. 

Here is a photo essay trip down the memory lane..over to the lotus pond.

The very first Lotus Flower blooms

Soon, the wall is covered with a cluster of them

Slowly, each one is given a tint and hue
Soon more, flowers start blushing

The work in progress, notice the shy leaves hiding below the flowers
Here's how it finally looked once completed. 
My summer afternoon chair on the edge of the 'lotus pool'. I've read many a book in this chair.
Our 'personal touch Wall' did liven up our living room
Detail of a Lotus bud
Flowers blossoming out of thin air
Deft hands carving out the lines on the wall
Dreamy eyed and armed with a permanent marker in his hands, my brother, another creative soul in my family.
Little Gaya, who helped us immensely in coloring the art wall smiles proudly in front of our Art Wall. I am sometimes amazed at her refined choice of colors.

Finally, we won our argument and did succeed in giving our home an artistic and personal touch. A weekend and a few cups of tea were all that we needed while we indulged in this passion. I thought of sharing this with you all, just to encourage you to do something creative at your our personal spaces, a splash of color or a stroke of a marker can change the character of the space and speak volumes about the ones living there.

Do try it and share the joy of indulging in a creative pursuit !!!

You can read more about my bro's creative musings at his blog 


  1. I am kind of lost for words, the wall looks so vibrant and colorful just guys are a super talented family :)

  2. Hey, So you finally did post it!!!

    Good, good. I guess this must be your first "BLACK n WHITE" series, isn't it? Great, the snaps looks awesome, I don't even remember you clicking them while we were at it. May this be an inspiration to all your lovely readers to 'lend a personal touch' to their homes :)

  3. This is simply awesome.. After coloring wall, It looks so vibrant and fabulous!
    Keep it up. Thanks for the share ! :)
    visit our website for more wall decor ideas :

  4. gorgeous.... and just incredible.. wish i can do that,..

  5. thats simply awesome :) great work :)

  6. Lakshmi,

    Love how the colors pop us agains the chair. Any plans for the bottom of the stems? Can you post a long shot? I'm curious to see how far up the wall it goes. Maybe I could do something similar for my daughter's room. By the way, never guessed that you were a mallu. :) I know u've been posting about all the festivals and all. Saw your bro's name and it clicked today. I was actually going to post on the Prismma FB page about maybe planning a get together in South India (since there seem to be so many of us fromaround there) during the X mas New yr hols. It would be great to meet everyone.

    Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story

  7. thanks for all your lovely comments.. actually some days before i realized that you are from kerala.thanks for the comments.i dont think i have along shot.i shall have to check is only till the three fourth of the door.its as you see it in the second picture.we di nothing,after some months we repainted the wall...
    i am in delhi and i come home only during coming during x mas will be difficult.let me try.we shall meet sometime or the other..its nice knowing know more about you here.

  8. Goodness me, what a beauty that wall is! Great stuff, to share it with The Keybunch readers, once again?:)


  9. Hey Lakshmi the wall is gorgeous! Its looks just great with the beautiful flowers and the vibrant colors.

  10. beautiful ...what colours you have used?

  11. Very nicely done and a lovely message conveyed! The number of comments is sheer witness to appreciation for this creativity. I recall my 'artistic' sister sketched/painted the walls of her entire room the minute she acquired a room of her own. We anyway considered her a little off-balance :) and extolling her virtues on the walls just proved it to us. Now when I look at pictures of beautiful art on walls, how I wish I can drag her over to do some such thing on mine!


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