Friday, July 27, 2012

Indian Architecture and Art-Ajmer Town

Indian Architecture always amazed me and something that deeply interested me from childhood.Visit to cities and towns always gave us an opportunity to study the  brilliant architecture of the buildings and the history of the town.Parts of Rajasthan are best visited in winter,so we visited Ajmer and Pushkar.

Ajmer city situated in a valley and ridge region and has an incomparable beauty.A walk through the town shows us the old world charm and beautiful buildings which is soon losing its beauty.I could see the absence of proper maintenance in these buildings..I gazed up and looked up at the buildings,walked through the town.

The old  buildings of Ajmer had lots to say..the beautiful grills,the gorgeous windows and doors,some old chettinad type of tiles,stuck on to the partition region between two floors of a building.In the town we saw a group of houses inside a big gate,a neighbourhood type of houses and a space inside them for prayers ,something that resembles pols,the paintings on the gates ...alas,only if they could have retained the glory..the town famous for its you all my silver in the next post.



  1. i m in awe...rajasthan, gujarat are places i have been dying to go ever since i grew up :)..beautiful images...ur pics make me want to visit those places right away! nothing can beat the old world charm

  2. Beautiful architecture,but it feels sad to see all the beauty not appreciated by the locals!!

  3. So different architecture and also beautiful.
    I aprreciate this article give us a lot of information about this beautiful country.

  4. nice post. thanks for sharing pics.

  5. beautiful pics
    thanks for sharing


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