Sunday, July 8, 2012


A big hello to all and I am glad to be back to blogosphere and back to real time blogging.I have been busy with the vacations round the corner,the summer home work,travel and some family have you all been doing and will be very soon back to you all with posts from far and wide..the corners of India..the beautiful corners ..
Thank you to the all the regular readers and the new followers and thanks to all who have written and asked the well being..
Image courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Lovely photography!Love the cushion cover and the chair reminds me of my childhood days!

  2. Welcome back! Lovely to see the sun shining in your home again!

  3. I am one of your new follower, like others amazed by your photography skills....excited to see this post. These days did a lot of catching up of your previous posts enjoyed each one of them, can't wait to see more .


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