Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Neemrana @ Kumaon

Last summer still mesmerises me and I still spend the whole day looking at those gorgeous images, that leave me spell bound till today. A week of summers spend on the hills of Kumaon, the Ramgarh and Muktheshwar..

Neemrana is something that I love..the idea, the casualness, easiness, the warm colours, the blockprints, the furniture, the havelis, the old bungalows, their location and their wonderful food and hospitality is something unique. We spent our days in the "Neemrana Ramgarh Bungalows". The Ramgarh bungalows are located on the side of an entire hill.. There are various properties named in various names under the Ramgarh Bungalows. To see it, live and experience the hills is pure magic..

Along the small winding roads, along the small daisies, the long and narrow roads stretched in front of us. From far we could see a hill from where we could see the cottages on top of the hill and down hill..There are four properties by the names, Old Bungalow, Writers Bungalow, Ashok Vatika and Cliff House. Each of them unique in their own way and beautiful in its own ways. Old Bungalow is where lunch is served, dinner is served to the respective places wherever we stay.

those wild daisies..

Writers Bungalow where we stayed

The Old Bungalow

Cliff House

loved the sloping roofs and the grey slates

Ashok vatika,where we stayed..those nasturtiums

the winter is here to stay

the white washed columns..a peculiarity of the south and the north

sloping roofs,green paints,small windows...fairy tale setting

blockprints and the dining rooms

the shadows

this is where we sat

facing the mountains too

relax and have a seat

those ivy covered walls are something to die for

Images and Ideas:Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome.. I have to visit here.. Lovely pictures Laksh, you just make all places so simple yet desirable

  2. Beautiful...! I love the concept of 'non-hotel' hotels :)

  3. This place is definitely on my list Lakshmi :)


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