Monday, October 20, 2014

Indian Sweets in a traditional decor way!

Its that time of the year again!Song,dance,dinners ,lunches,sweets,and tonnes of festivities that call for an evening.Whatever festivities,it all ends up and sums up at the party table.So why not bow to the tradition and face it.From table covers that could be made with old sarees to flower decor on the table and pretty diyas to amazing sweets on the table and the decoration that goes for them..let everything be traditional.

There are an awesome bunch of food bloggers out here who cook up a storm,decorate and spread the fragrance of good food.Lets see how dramatically with props they have changed the simple looking food to gorgeous dishes on the table.

Sia blogs at Monsoon spice ..Amazingly decorated sweets on the table with soft glowing diyas..

Flowers and traditional diyas give a gorgeous mood to the

Deeba rajbal blogs at Passionate About is her version of kheer in terracota cups.awesome idea!complements well with silver .

Preeti Tamilarasan blogs at has an awesome collection of traditional sweets,some 70 varieties of laddus awesomely syled.Have a look at her recipes and her usage of props and her photography!

All images are of the respective owners..please do not copy.ask them permission before you use them.
ideas Lakshmi Arvind.


  1. mouth watering images :-)
    beautifully styled and composed !

  2. Oh boy, such YUMMY pictures, shots so stylish! Thanks for this post Lakshmi, I am off to checking out some of these blogs!

  3. wow.. wow such mouth watering images..


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