Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wisdom,light and love !

 Deepavali and the days leading to them were frenzy at home,cleaning,shining and polishing.There wasn't anything in particular i wanted to buy except the flowers.

Marigolds as usual took the centre stage.It was  sheer beauty and happiness to see the golden orange marigolds shining in all corners on the day of Deepavali.
Kantha bedspreads became table spreads and dull oranges went well with the carnations.Dull golds made another excellent combination on the table and the napkins were small rectangular cloths with golden border.The cheer of the Yellows of the gerberas and the fragrance from the incense holder on the day of dhanteras is still in spirits..Hope all of you enjoyed this year and as the saying goes,the wait for the next year starts!

colourful cushions formed the backdrop

prayers and blessings from above

a view

as it was dusk

paisley prints and carnations

dull oranges

on the table

days leading to diwali

dhanters in gold shimmer

The best that happened this year was an opportunity to feature a diwali article with images from my home in the "Good Homes Magazine"

Images and Ideas :Lakshmi Arvind.Please dont take images without permission!


  1. Beautiful photos and very nice decoration. Thanks for sharing. Belated Diwali wishes.

    Please look into my Lamps of India post which i shared in my Heritage of India blog and give your comments. In this Lamps of India post i am sharing images of several Lamps used on various occasions in India from the olden days.


  2. Each of these images are so gorgeous...shedding warmth and festive spirit in to your beautiful abode.
    Thanks for sharing them Laksh...and so happy on your article in Good Homes :-) You so deserve it and hope to see more coming.

  3. Such mesmerizing images. Loved them all. Keep them coming :)

  4. Gorgeous is the only word I have.

  5. Such Warm compositions adds divinity to home. Congratulations on your feature!

  6. I loved 1, 2nd and 3rd aratis. R those of copper? beautiful pieces.
    and nice photos+ arrangements as always :)

  7. Beautiful photos and absolutely stunning decoration.. Im going to book mark this page for next year Diwali :)


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