Thursday, November 29, 2012

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cushion covers from BlackPepper dessin


beautiful ikat mugs

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marigold Yellows and Vermillion Cushions...for Deepavali

The festivities,excitement and fun that awaited at all corners at our home this Deepavali. Marigold yellows for walls,the  vermillion cushions stitched at home,some lotuses, the  Tanjore paintings and the new tea light holders.As my little one is a year old,and running all around ,we had to compromise on the South Indian Oil lamps which usually gets lit on Deepavali.I am sure all of you had a great time..

marigold yellows and vermillion cushions
beautifully framed 

we framed a five rupees poster rangoli and kept it on the centre table along with flowers,some sparklers in a brass Nazhi

rangoli  posters used as placemats...what an idea:)-

 holy symbols on  pebbles(an inspired idea from Geninne)

magical light

then it was flowerpot time...these also got arranged on the centre table

Hope you all enjoyed glimpses of our Deepavali..May this year bring all the prosperity and life's blessings for all my dear and near friends.

Images and Ideas Lakshmi Arvind,Please do not use without permission

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the Golden Shimmer of Diwali..

The festival of lights approaching,the festive spirit was bound to catch up with me too.The idea is how different can it be from the last years.How many new lamps  can we buy this time,how do we decorate the home this time...

This time ,For Rich backgrounds we have tried colour and  embossed gold papers on the tables and the centre tables .. a rich festive feel,dont you all think.

all in pink an gold backdrop...

definitely many...

a setting on the side table

the shadows just took my mind away ...far away

place a bowl of gold polished balls on the centre table,surely give a festive look

place roses in small tea glasses and  gold balls in between an arrangement on a thali

 All Images and Ideas copyright Lakshmi Arvind..please ask for permission before you use these images...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Simple Decoration..

Decorations at home can be simple too .Hang flowers upside down can help brighten the area of your home.A change of decoration can be a nice decorative element.. Hanging flowers will create a colorful overhead canopy in a room or just create a special touch to brighten the festival feel.

Marigolds can be inserted into the midribs of the coconut fronds.Select small flower and medium in length for the midrib.The flowers beautifully bend their heads and sit perfectly on them.Select wine bottles and you can insert them into these as shown..As the flowers are slightly heavy they can be kept at intervals in the midrib and do not easily dislocate from their position.

All pictures copyright:Lakshmi Arvind

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