Friday, September 27, 2013

The charms of a bygone era by Dhruv Singh

Old World Charm is something that inspires me. Just the idea of  owning  something that has had a past feel and life  awakens my mind and imagination. I always wonder how it was used before,and how can I make it more relevant now in my today's world.How inspiring are these old knickknacks isn't it?The Old armchairs,Old Swings, Old swinging teak doors,the dark toned photographs,the giant grandfather clock on the wall making its presence felt at each stroke all this says the charms of the bygone era.

Here Surrender to an undeniable presence of old world charm by DHRUV SINGH. It seems to me like a journey back to the 1960's and that is an installation depicting the textiles, crafts and charms of the bygone era by the Fashion Designer  on 27 and 28 september at Ahmedabad.'JALSA' - a celebration of arts and crafts! As part of the AIAF - Ahmedabad International Arts festival, ELAN presents the installations.

Dhruv Singh graduated from the NIFT in 2012.He recently won the best Title for the best upcoming designer.As he says his  style holds back in time,he interacts the opulent period.The inspiration revolves around local people,old cinema,antiques,different castes and their culture.Glorification and grandeur being his identity,his representation is metaphoric,glorious movements from past,drapes of elegance altogether a rendezvous with the rustic era.

Each frame is a Nostalgic memory of the old-world charm,- all this says the charms of the bygone era. 

All images courtesy:Dhruv Singh.Please dont use it anywhere else.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Subtle and Soft at home

It's impossible to ignore the magic and romance of rain.The blue monsoons!The blush of soft and subtle colours that we had at home.The subtle mood that enhanced the monsoon feel.Enjoy the colour of the season.Merge with monsoons.The little little Monsoon moods at home...enjoy!


love this bedspread..the little orange flowers just lifts your spirit at home

the monsoons mood...i sat here watching the rains..

the small green grasses in blue bottles

the blue hand blockprinted sheet..

the kilol magic!

its beautiful and kilol

this is a beauty from anokhi

All images:Lakshmi Arvind

Friday, September 6, 2013

David Hall @Fort Kochi

David Hall one of the beautiful buildings in Fortkochi, has always attracted me.Is it the wooden roofs,made of flat face rafters that had drawn me towards it or the architectural grandeur or the history.
It houses an art gallery and acts as a cultural centre to support young exponents of visual and performing art forms.

David Hall was built around 1695 by the Dutch East India Company. It was the residence of the renowned Dutch governor, Hendrick Adrian Van Rheede tot Drakestein. However, the building gets its name from a later occupant, a Jewish businessman called David Koder. Governor Drakestein initiated a pioneering study on the flora of Kerala that resulted in the 12-volume classic, the Hortus Malabaricus. 

The three-foot wide walls and the four-column windows are the other characteristics of the building and they add to its elegance. A well-manicured garden and the old trees in the courtyard too help the David Hall retain its grace intact.

the patina gives a warm welcome

the colocasia leaves...and the black small gate

there is a gallery cafe too

the warm interiors

striking gond colours

the dimlighting

there was an ongoing exhibition

love the white washed windows

theres ample of sunlight in the  courtyard

All images credit:Lakshmi Arvind


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