Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Traditional Farmhouse design

A traditional and typical South Indian feel to the farm house at Kashid,Maharashtra..The architects have managed to create spaces using simple and traditional materials to reflect a contemporary style.The tiled roof and the flooring ,the ambience in seating arrangements and the pool reflects the personality of the people who owns it.

Image courtesy:pfa architects

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Indian inspired Moroccan Interiors-Moroccan Modern

I love ethnic touches, but there's a fine line between "just a touch" to suddenly a bit too "theme-y." This interior from a recent Vogue Living Australia is a great example of the balance between staying modern, yet still keeping some ethnic flavor..

Indian interiors and moroccan interiors have too many in common to talk about.The vibratto in colour is the main thing.Many Moroccan-inspired interiors are full of rich vibrant color,just like the Indian ones and this room definitely has that. However, I love how they've kept it under control by using lots of black and white furnishings. Working with multiple patterns and motifs can be tricky, but we think they pulled it off quite well! What do you think?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Beautiful and White

A Visual treat to the eyes from this Winter.Come walk with me different homes and take exciting deco ideas and dont forget to write to me .

Home tours are common in Decor blogs.

I bring you some  Indian Home Tours from magazines this winter.Some homes which have truly influenced me and the magazines are not thrown for kabadi because of the stylish truly Indian homes which they contain.They have been kept to imbibe the spirit which they contain ,as a way to boost my energy when i feel low,to try and impart atleast half of them in my home and also when i build a home of my own,a desire which will be accomplished in the near future.
Monumental in form and yet styled for contemporary living the Dickinsens home at Jaipur is purely in white ,but starking in its beauty.

Fine detailing from the local materials till the linen have been carefully picked up in this home have drawn me towards the home.White walls,white curtains,white table ware,white centrepieces ,white tablecloth,all in its beauty can be found in this home.

The walls are kept clear of any artworks but very subtly embellished with alcove details.

White with a hint of blue

Exciting Deco ideas,use of ledges

Charming options

Yellow jaisalmer and kota giving it warmth and cheer

Antique armoire

modern yet oriental touch

Image Courtesy to living etc 2009
Enjoy the home tour,take exciting decor options and tell me how you all liked this home.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Explosive beauties,floating

Fresh flowers are what gives life and makes home a happy place.I always look for ways to display them.Simple idea is what you all know and putting to use in a different way.

Marigolds floating during celebrations of a marriage at home

coral red hibiscus on a winter morningits this fragrance that floated in the air during Deepavaliwhite bedspread teamed with white bauhinias at the bedsidetablelazy afternoons with pink bougainvilleas floatingmMusic season at home and marigolds,music corner at homeShadows,grills and uruli full of hibiscus and butter cupsThoughts and reflections of home on a rainy day
Pickle jar on the window sill,with a single hibiscus
Day dream with plumerias in a terracotta ,uruli

Get your creative juices flowing.Use containers of all sizes to make unique designs.
Looks beautiful when these beauties float.Check out this creative way at your home.Hope you are all inspired.Some pictures from the corners of our home.

Ideas conceived and photographed by Lakshmi Arvind.Please do not copy them or use them without prior permission.All copyright to the author
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