Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bougainvillea and the Indian decor

As we know that bougainvillea is only the flower that blooms throughout the year with bountiful flower and make the environment colourful and magnificent. It can be used for various purposes like decoration of houses,interiors of houses, buildings, hotels, and apartments. The species of bougainvillea are characterized by their high tolerance to pollution, drought, pests, low fertility and other adverse conditions.

Although Bougainvillea has originated in South America, but approximately 50% of the present day cultivars were evolved and produced in India.

Images from my home

on the books in the lamps
on the centre table,a perfect morning
in green wine bottles,on the swing
on the centre table,in terracotta urulis

Images are from magazines and books
in hanging lamps
on the dining table
in beer bottles,long headed bottles
on the pooja mandap
winding around the windows and arches
both sides of the entrance arches
over the front gate

images and ideas conceived and clicked by Lakshmi Arvind
Image courtesy to India style and India contemporary

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the festive season begins ...and its decor

Autumnal season begins with Durga puja and the festivities don't stop there.The festive season has just begun.Flowers and diyas and sweets overload.Enjoy your time.Happy Dussesra to all celebrating festival today and tomorrow.

I can imagine all my diyas with full of flowers,Can you all?

All images and Ideas Conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
Pl do not steal nor copy images from the site

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my lovable antiques:sweet and tangy...

I am passionate about antiques.much of our travel is in the search for antiques. An old reading says Antiques are like old books. They hold a limitless universe of knowledge waiting patiently to be revealed. Like a red violin, waiting for it's next owner as it passes through history from generation to generation. And people who collect antiques are as passionate about their collections as they are about the pursuit and discovery of something old that brings them closer to the past.

There is no right or wrong way to collect antiques, but remember, items of good design and beauty are as important as price. Buy what you personally like and are compelled to collect, and incorporate these pieces into your homes in ways that fit your own lifestyle. This way the age-old passion for antiquing and cherishing the past will never fade or loose its patina.

Some of my prized possessions include the betel nut crackers and some brass hair accessories of the yester generations,some hair clips and combs which I am passionate about.They some times accompany my centre table.i treasure all antiques from home including the various lamps and brass lotas and containers in brass.

Getting to know the sweet,tangy taste of one of India's most exhilarating culinary delights.Betel chewing has been one of India's favorite culinary indulgences for more than 8,000 years, the betel leaf itself is also used in Hindu ritual worship, where it is prepared as an offering to the Deity along with coconuts, fruits, incense and flowers.
betel nut cracker has 3 peacocks on it,a very old one

two hair clips ,a brass spoon
hair clip in the shape of a fish and the other has got devi saraswathi on it,unique designs
an old brass comb,which has got unique designs of lord rama and sitadevi and hanumanji sitting bowing to them..
staged artefacts

Hope you enjoyed my antiques as much i enjoyed sharing them...

ideas and composition conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
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