Friday, April 24, 2015

My Summer pleasures..

A little bit of summer is what I look forward to and it is what the whole year is about.These are just the starting of the happy summer moments here .The blues that blew the mind,the paisleys that got me enchanted always,white mulmuls that sway to the gentle breeze,the orange bells that shine in the summer,the handmade pankhas a boon to the looming powercuts and on goes the summers..Enjoy these snippets while i come back with more:)-

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on trees ,just as things grow fast in movies i had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with summer.
                                                                                        (Great Gatsby Quote)
           Summer is falling in love with instagram too..see the link and connect with me :)-

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Be Vintage!

Be Vintage creates home decor items with a vintage look complete with distressed finish and fun, bright colours.Young entrepreneurs Grishma, Abhineet and Monica with varied backgrounds have teamed up to develop a line of unique vintage style Victorian and French-inspired furniture .

Their items first range from frames, keyholders,wall hangings to furniture and showcase featured cabinets, chairs, nightstands, wooden trunks, etc., Their USP are the wood printed decor products. It's a new technique wherein an image is printed on wood.They source images online, treat them a certain way, add filters, etc., and then print them on wood. While most of their furniture is made of pine wood, Beech, Acacia and African Teak, they are open to customisation. They have also developed their own paints to get the distressed look for their furniture.They primarily sell through Facebook and one-off exhibitions but have now started stocking their products at a couple of boutiques in the city.  hoping to change the way into something beautiful and unusual.

Some of them which i love from their collections are here :)-

All images courtesy..Be Vintage

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The House of Things

The House of Things says..Beautiful,Rare and Inspired..very true!

The House of Things is a curated marketplace,a beautiful concept store for all world renowned brands under a shop.Surprised seeing all fine furniture and resplendent paintings to exceptional curios, precious jewels, sculptures, antiquities, rugs, and accessories - each of their objects has remarkable workmanship and soul.Thinking of the joy each object that brings beauty and joy to the respective homes.
Their curatorial team of experts meticulously puts together a personal selection of poetic objects, sourced from travels across the globe and serendipitous findings.The unique offerings also include a selection created from artistic collaborations. For those who appreciate character in design, we showcase a range of products made by established designers and artisans, specially crafted for those seeking out pieces that are marked 'special'. They endeavour to give us the opportunity to discover the exquisite and timeless, sharing the joy of collecting unique items that excel in originality and transcend trend.

The house of things is the creativity of Astha Khetan. Astha started her work life at a London based digital media agency, and then returned to India to manage Unilever's special projects. Her spirited love for handicrafts and penchant for travel inspired her to launch The House Of Things. The key team also includes Sabina Chopra and Manish prakash who have worked with numerous product designers. 

Thanks Surbhi Gandhi for reaching out to me and letting me know about the new venture.

                                            All images respective to their artists

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A peek in to India Design 2015!

A peek at what was showcased in the India Design 2015.

Truly mesmerised and inspired by the Design,the Colours and the Trends that i got to see.Some of them got me enchanted  for sure.You just had to get soaked in and seek inspiration from the awesome designers,see their designs and colour combinations and textiles and the dreamy bedrooms which were showcased.The products,textures,patterns, paints, colours will surely make for chic and dreamy interiors.

I am extremely thankful for the media passes handed over me.Thanks Vani!

a  dear friends work..Chandan Dubeys on an old chettinad door

dreamy NUR

Jenny Pintos work

Neerukumar for TULSI

Graceful Elan

                          All Images subject to copyright..courtesy Lakshmi Arvind
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